Sue Webb

Sue Webb

Username: SWebESue

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Current Information

First name: Sue
Last name: Webb

Date of Birth: 09/30/1966
Current City: Syracuse, New York

Place of Birth: New York
Other Names I Have Used: Lucinda, Lucy

I am seeking my natural siblings

I’m in search of four older siblings in NY state. I was adopted in 1968. Birth mom
was born in 1933 or 1934 and died of septicemia in 1967. The only info I have is non id info from state.
Adoptive parents were both from PA. I was told my name may have been lucinda (Lucy)
in foster care. Although I was adopted in Syracuse I remember an airport for some
reason. I’m registered with the state but was told no siblings registered and my
Birth mother info can not be released to me (because she is dead and can’t sign
registry) I’m not sure if any siblings know of my existence if there is any truth to
my non id info that is.