S. Dunlap


Username: SLD1

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Current Information

First name: S.
Last name: Dunlap

Date of Birth: 07-08-1981
City of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky

Current City: Findlay
Current State: Ohio

Current Country: United States
Last Name at Birth:

I am seeking my parent(s)

Parent(s) Name: Birth Mother’s last name: Richards
Mother’s Birthdate:

Father’s City of Birth:
Mother’s City of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky

Additional Information

I was adopted at birth by Raymond and Jeanne Dunlap in 1979. I have lived my entire life in Findlay, Ohio. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky on July 8, 1979 in University Hospital. My adopted name (since the time of my birth) is Shawna Lynn Dunlap and is the name I have gone by my entire life. I do not know the name of my birth mother but am told her last name at the time I was born was Richards (possibly Suzanne or Susan?). My birth mother was born and lived in Louisville her entire life.