Roger Gough, Eliasiano McDonald

Username: Roger

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Current Information

First name: Roger
Last name: Gough

Date of Birth: 09-02-1970
City of Birth: London, England

Current City: Swindon, England
Other Names I Have Used: Roger Eliasiano McDonald

I am seeking my parent(s)

Mother’s Name: Joy Evadne McDonald
Mother’s Place of Birth: Jamaica

Mother’s Date of Birth: 06/14/1945

Father’s Name: Paul Allen Vance
Father’s Place of Birth: Lake Geneva, Michigan

Father’s Date of Birth: 03/21/1949

Additional Information

I am searching for my Birth Father Paul Allen Vance, he was born in Lake Geneva, Michigan. My father was based in London in the US Air Force when he met my mother. I was adopted at 11 months old, my adoption file clearly states that my father was an honourable gentleman who paid for my care until I was adopted. My adoption folder is quite informative about my father and says that his parents were called Gwendolyn & Joseph Vance from Lake Geneva, he had 5 siblings two of them called Robin & Jolyn . he was born on the 21 March 1949 and at the time of my birth was not married and had no children. I have not been able to locate my mother who was of Jamaican descent and she disappeared shortly after my birth, my birth father was clearly left in a position where he could not have taken a small child to an Army base and felt that adoption was the best choice for me. I am unsure if his family are aware of my existence and I do not want to evade his privacy, but the opportunity to meet him would be amazing , I feel proud that I am American and my birth father was a serviceman. My birth name was Roger Elisiano McDonald and my adopted parents chose to keep my first name of Roger so I would always have a connection to my birth. I am finding it hard to trace my birth father living in England and any help would be appreciated.