Paula Pedigo


Username: ppedigo98

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Current Information

First name: Paula
Last name: Pedigo

Date of Birth: 08-16-1953
City of Birth: Fairhope, Alabama

Current City: Yellville
Current State: Arkansas

Current Country: United States
Last Name at Birth: Griffis

Other Names I Have Gone By: Walton

I am seeking my birth mother:

Mother’s Name: Gladys Griffis
Mother’s Year of Birth: 1934

Mother’s Place of Birth: Carroll County, Georgia

Father’s Name: Unknown
Fathers’s Year of Birth: 1919

Additional Information

Time line that I’ve put together….
1919 daddy was born 9/30/1919 (adad)
1934 Gladys Griffis born in Georgia, Carroll County
1940 Gladys’ family moves to Florida somewhere; she is 6yrs old
1945 daddy started working for GSI in Dallas
1948 was xfrd to Houma, LA
1951-2 was xfrd to Okeechobee, FL; met Gladys Griffis thru Mr. Faulkner; she also gave birth to Connie
1953 Gladys moved in with my soon to be apars as she was pg with me; Connie came along as well I was born 8/16/1953; 6# 14oz
1954 was xfrd back to Houma, LA — Gladys moved on elsewhere; and had another child #3
1955-1956 was xfrd to Tampico, Mexico (I learned to speak Spanish before ever speaking English!!!) lol
1959-60 lots of xfrs; Dallas, TX; Calgary, Canada; Wilson, OK; Wyoming; N.Dakota
1961 daddy left GSI; settled down in Desoto, TX; Gladys had child #4 (don’t know how we knew);
Daddy taught HS for 2 years
1963 went to work for the State of Texas
1976 daddy died at 57yrs old with cancer.
I believe I have a total of 4 siblings; Connie, born in 1951 in Florida; myself in 1953/Alabama; two brothers Jason & Jeremy location unknown, dates in the 1950’s; and Carolyn 1961 location unknown.