Paula Christina Lewis


Username: bornchrista

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Current Information

First name: Paula Christina
Last name: Lewis

Date of Birth: 12-19-1972
Adoptive Parents: Paul Ward, Jewel Ward

Grandmother’s Name: Ursula Rhodes
Grandmother’s Last Known Location: Heidelberg Neuenheim,
Keplerstr, 20, Germany

Places I Have Lived: Rockledge, Cocoa, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland
Current Country: United States

Additional Information

I was placed in foster care by HRS in Cocoa,Florida in September 1974 …… my biological grandmother is Ursula Rhodes,she worked for the military in Germany and I have a letter she wrote to my adoptive parents,Paul and Jewel Ward…the letter is dated Dec.7,1975….Ursula thanked them for wanting to adopt me and said she was barely making enough money to get by and couldn’t keep me or the ‘other’ children…. she said my father wanted to keep me and my siblings but couldn’t be bothered with us…there is no mention of my parents names…. Ursula also asked for future letters to be be mailed to the office of the registrar in Maryland….she also mentioned in the letter that her ‘other daughter,Karen’ had arrived in Germany the day before she wrote the letter….. I have been told that my parents had 5-6 kids…. we were supposed to be adopted in pairs,the first 4 were and then a brother and me were separated because I was so much younger…I stayed with a foster family for several months,until the woman got pregnant and took me back to foster care….. my grandmother,Ursula Rhodes put me back in foster care because she was working and couldn’t take care of me…. I don’t know if everything I was told is accurate or not…. the only tangible evidence I have,is this letter from Germany written by Ursula Rhodes…. she drove a black Cadillac and wore a fur coat when she came to visit me in my new foster home in Rockledge,Florida…. after my adoption was final,we moved to Ky. briefly and then Ohio sometime in 1976.