Pasqualina Campicelli

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Current Information

My Name: Pasqualina Campicelli
Current City: Torino, Italia

I am seeking my brothers:

Name: Francesco Campicelli
Date of Birth: 1944

Name: Alfredo Crocefisso Campicelli
Date of Birth: 04-05-1954

Additional Information

mi chiamo pasqualina campicelli, cerco i miei 2 fratelli alfredo campicelli e
francesco campicelli.

Were are searching for two brothers: Alfredo Crocefisso Campicelli (born Apr 5,
1954) & Francesco Campicelli (born 1944) in Brindisi, Italy and adopted in the USA
around 1956. Have included photos of birth parents (Crocefissa Surano & Armando
Campicelli) and an older brother (Antonio Campicelli) who remained in Italy. Please