Neilie Dierking

Username: Neiliev13

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Current Information

First name: Neilie
Last name: Verville

Date of Birth: 08-05-1974
City of Birth: Franklin, Nebraska

Current City/ State: Nevada, Iowa
Current Country: United States

Last Name at Birth: Dierking
Names I Have Gone By: Neilie Dierking, Hoskins

I am seeking my parent(s):

Mother’s Name: Doris Ann (Deisley) Dierking
Mother’s Date of Birth: 09-11-1950

Mother’s Place of Birth: Franklin, Nebraska

Additional Information

My mother (Doris Deisley at the time) got pregnant at 25. She kept me and got married shortly after. She told me that my father was not my birth father at age 17. I do not know anything about him. There are rumors that he was from Indiana, a hunter that came to Nebraska to visit.