Michelle Renee’ Crites

Username: Dee

Contact Email: Dee@findfamilyafar.com

Current Information

First name: Michelle Renee’
Last name: Crites

Date of Birth: 09-12-1958
City of Birth: Bangor, Maine

Current City: Bangor, Maine
Current Country: United States

I am seeking my parent(s)

Mother’s Name: Marion Rose Crites

Additional Information

It is my understanding that she had at least one other child – a son I believe and I think a girl too. Her husband (or my birth father) was likely in the air force (service) and connected to Bangor Air Station. She seemed to come to Bangor for the purpose of delivering me and then returning to her family after. She rented an apartment for a month or so and was gone right after I was delivered. She would have had medium length dark brown hair and perhaps green brown eyes ( I’m told I look a lot like her) I am 5’2 and have many similar features to Rachel Ray and Shania Twain – I’ve been told! Likely a beautiful smile and nice teeth. She may have remained in another part of the Bangor area, for I’ve been told I have a look-a-like still in the Bangor area. In the 80″s I was often mistaken for another girl – maybe by the name “Candy” My brother also may have similar features – since I was also asked many times back then if I had a brother. I would mostly just like my genealogy and the birth father information. However most of my family is now deceased and I have two beautiful talented girls 11 and 13 who would love to have extended family. I am married to the same man for 20 years now.