Michelle Tullos

Username: amara321

Contact Email: amara321@findfamilyafar.com

Current Information

First name: Michelle
Last name: Tullos

Date of Birth: 02-11-1974
City of Birth: Sturgis, Michigan

Current State/Country: Pinellas Park, Floria
Other Names I Have Used: Michelle Lee Tullos

I am a Mother seeking my child:

Child’s Name: Larry Randel Kilpatrick
Child’s Date of Birth: 10-13-1992

Child’s Place of Birth: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Father’s Name: Paul Randall Kilpatrick
Father’s Date of Birth: 07-06-1970

Father’s Place of Birth: Sturgis, Michigan

Additional Information

I have found three of my five children. I started Facebook account and my youngest
daughter found me on there and we reconnected. And now it’s time to look for my
other two. Not just for me but for there siblings who have not had contact with them
in over ten yrs. The name i provided is that of my oldest son. He and my middle son
were adopted together. So i was told. So any help is really appreciated.