Matthew Abdulla


Username: khooldude2010

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Current Information

First name: Matthew
Last name: Abdulla

Date of Birth: 02-05-1970
City of Birth: Denver, Colorado

Current City: Littleton
Current State: Colorado

Current Country: United States
Last Name at Birth: Unknown

Past Names Used: Mark, Matt
City/Date of Adoption: Denver, Colorado, 07/1970

I am seeking my parent(s)

I was born on 2/5/70 @ 10:02 AM, in Denver, CO. The birth certificate indicates “Hospital” so I have no idea what hospital I was born at. The name of the social worker from Denver is LoRee Conner and the name of the social worker from Bent County (city of Las Animas) is Mrs Hansen. My adoptive parents’ attorney was Fred E. Sisk. My adoptive mother told me that she thought my name was Mark and I was living with foster parents in Denver. I found a paper with my biological parents info on it: Mother was was 5’6″, 115 lb, Dark Brown Hair with Red tint, Brown eyes and complextion was light Olive. Father was 5’1″, 112 lb, Dark Brown hair, Brown eyes and complextion was dark. I weighed 8 lb 3 1/2 oz, 22 inches long. Birth certificate is from the State of Colorado, and the only numbers I can find on it are: 10570004737, SL388481 and State File Number: 00007 The birth certificate was received by local vital statistics on 2/11/71. So I know there has to be a birth certificate with information on it some where. I was told that I was at a foster home some where here in Denver, CO sometime between when I was born and when I was adopted in July of 1970, and my foster parents had named me Mark. I can not confirm this but this is what I was told.