Mary Wiepert


Username: Mary

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Current Information

First name: Mary
Last name: Wiepert

Date of Birth: 11-26-1957
City of Birth: Lackawanna, New York

Current City: Tampa
Current State: Florida

Other Names I Have Used: Distler, Matteson
Last Name at Birth: Johnson

I am seeking:

My Daughter: Michelle Lynn Distler
My Daughter’s Date of Birth: 03-18-1974

My Daughter’s Place of Birth: South Buffalo, New York
My Mother: Name Unknown, Date of Birth: 1936

Additional Information

Ironically, both myself and my daughter were born in the same place. I do not know
either of them but have always wanted too! Not crazy like, obsessing over it, but
curious to know my roots and where my mom/ daughter is and possibly be a part of
their life. Both myself and my biological mother were were associated with Father
Bakers ,” Our Lady of Victory Infant Homes”. A Home for unwed mothers. Located in
Lackawanna. NY. I was actually born at the Infant Home . I spoke with a social
worker there once years ago and obtained very minimal info re: my mother. i.e.:
5’9″ tall, blue eyes, a waitress, polish and catholic and 21 yrs old when I was
born. My father knew nothing of the pregnancy. He supposedly was 5’11, brown hair
and brown eyes. Polish and catholic. I had a older sister? I was not adopted till
I was 10 months old so I’m thinking possibly she tried to keep me but just could not
make it alone ? My adoptive parents were very good to me. I was just one of those
rebellious teens from the 70’s who got “in Trouble”. I got pregnant in the summer
of 1973 and the baby was born March 18, 1974. I remember it like it was yesterday!
She was born at Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo. She was So beautiful!! Babies were
no longer being delivered at the Infant Home when she was born. They took us down
the street to the local Hospital to deliver. Although I was only 16 years old, I
did not feel 16 any longer. Pregnancy and childbirth has a way of changing you!
Forever! Anyways, she was born and I did not want to give her up! My Mom said I
could keep her, but I could not bring her home. So, with that said, where does a 16
y/o go with no job, no place to live and still having to finish High School? I
reluctantly drug my feet for as long as I could and finally signed the papers.
Unfortunately her father also in High School, didn’t want anything to do with me
after I became pregnant. Sadly, I really cared a lot for him and would have
married him in a heartbeat! I received a post card in the mail sometime that summer
from my social worker saying she was adopted by a very lovely couple . They changed
her name to something very pretty and popular for the times. I think they were
teachers. Her new Mom was a gardener and loved African Violets. I got the idea
that they lived out of NY State, but maybe not. They gave her a childrens book that
explained to her she was adopted and loved very much! Cried my face off for many
years!! And still to this day!! I hope some of this helps. Sorry I’m rambling! I
am 57 y/o now . A RN for almost 30yrs. Have 2 adult sons. 1 Granddaughter, and
needless to say she is “The Love of My Life” and Another granddaughter on the way
in June!! Sincerely Mary J. Wiepert Tampa , Florida