Magie Mitchell


Username: MagieMaee

Contact Email:

Current Information

First name: Magie
Last name: Mitchell

Date of Birth: 10-09-1990
City of Birth: Cadillac, Michigan

Current City: Olympia
Current State: Washington

I am seeking my biological brother:

Brother’s Name: Unknown
Brother’s Place of Birth: Texas

Additional Information

Ok, well my mom won’t give up any information, she’s scared my brother
will hate her for giving him up. Her and my father had 8 children all
together, all biologically theirs. My mom and dad were poor at the time of
his birth….my mother didn’t think they would ever make it out of the
hole they were in at the time of his birth, so she gave him an opportunity
to lead a great life with a family who could better provide for him. She
won’t tell me an exact birthday, every time she does it’s different. I’ve
been searching for you big brother! Since I was 13!