LaVonne Peterson


Username: LaVonne

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Current Information

First name: LaVonne
Last name: Peterson

Date of Birth: 08-24-1961
City of Birth: Sacramento, California

Current City: San Diego, California
Past Names I Have Used: LaVonne Lucille Dixon

I Am Seeking:

I was adopted privately when I was four days old. My Birth Mother entered the hospital using my Adoptive Mother’s name and information. I didn’t find out that I was adopted until I was 21 years old. Both of my Adoptive Parents are now dead. I want to find out my ethnic background and my medical history (I am a breast-cancer survivor). I was told that my Birth Mother was married to the brother of a woman named Pearl Whiting who lived in Acampo, CA, and that my Birth Mother lived in San Bernardino, CA, worked at Boeing, had an affair, and came to Sacramento to deliver me at Sutter Memorial Hospital.