Kevin Hofmann


Username: Kevin8967

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Current Information

First name: Kevin
Last name: Hofmann

Date of Birth: 08-09-1967
City of Birth: Detroit, Michigan

Current City: Toledo
Current State: Ohio

Current Country: United States
Last Name at Birth: Pervine

Other or Past Names Used: Pervine, Nelson

I am seeking my birth father:

Father’s Name: Lawrence Nelson
Father’s Birthdate: approx. 1925

Mother’s Name: Helen Pervine
Mother’s Birthdate: 09-22-1935

Mother’s Place of Birth: Dennis, Kansas

Additional Information

I am seeking my birth father, Lawrence Nelson (born approx. 1925). My mother and father both worked at the Chevy Spring and Bumper Plant located in Livonia, Michigan in the cafeteria in 1967. My father was a cook and went by the nick name of “Pee Wee.” Both parents were married to other people and had children from those marriages. I have connected with my mother’s family but have not been able to locate my father. Any information on my father would be appreciated.