Josie McCall

Username: jjosiem1970

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Current Information

First name: Josie
Last name: McCall (Mcevilly)

Date of Birth: 01-29-1970
Current City: Bolton, U.K.

I am seeking my biological brother:

Brother’s Name: Richard Lomax
Brother’s Date of Birth: 05-12-1965 (Bolton, U.K.)

Mother’s Name: Madge Lomax
Mother’s Date of Birth: 10-01-1942

Additional Information

Hi I am am looking for my brother who was adopted soon after birth, he was born at haslam maternity home in Bolton he was taken to some where in Blackburn. At the time of his birth Bolton and Blackburn came under Lancashire but now they are both under different districts. Any information you could find out for me would be greatly appreciated