Tammy Jordan

Username: tammyj

Contact Email: tammyj@findfamilyafar.com

Current Information

First name: Tammy
Last name: Jordan

Date of Birth: 03-21-1982
Place of Birth: Arkansas

Current City: Blytheville, Arkansas
Other Names I Have Used: Speakman, Conklin, Earley

First Name: Sandra Kay Speakman Earley
Sandra’s Date of Birth: 06-28-1951

Sandra’s Place of Birth: Van Wert, Ohio

I am seeking nephew/niece

Nephew Name: Johnnie Allen Earley
Last Known Location: Kankeekee, Illinois

Date of Birth: 12/01/1969

Additional Information

I am a cousin seeking family members for my mother so she can see her niece and
nephew before something happens and can’t see them one last time!! My mothers
sister Sandra Kay Speakman/Earley gave birth to a son in december 1969 and she named
him johnnie allean earley and then few years later gave birth to a girl named amie
lori louise speakman or earley but gave her up for adoption! In the late 1970’s she
put her son on a bus I believe in Florida to go to Ohio to stay with our grandpa
John Speakman but Florida state took him for child neglect and my mother Sonja
louise speakman hasn’t heard or seen them since!