Janice Schumake

Username: blueangel3344

Contact Email: blueangel3344@findfamilyafar.com

Current Information

First name: Janice
Last name: Schumake

Date of Birth: 11-19-1968
City of Birth: Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Current City: Rison, Arkansas
Other Names I Have Used: Janice Ann Puckett, Janice Ann Langrell

I am seeking my parent(s)

The Dr that was my birth mother’s (during pregnancy) had parents to adopt me, but they backed out. My birth mother didn’t tell her DR. about wanting to give me up until the day of delivery. The Dr. asked his nurse if she knew of anyone that wanted to adopted a baby because the parents he had planned to adopt me backed out. The nurse said that she knew of someone that wanted to adopt because her husband worked with someone at International Paper Mill in Pine Bluff, Arkansas that was wanting to adopt. The nurse called her husband, her husband contacted my adopted Dad and he called my adopted Mom and she called the lawyer and a week later took me home. I was born at Jefferson Regional Medical Center, but back then I think the hospital was just called Jefferson Hospital. I was born in Jefferson County in Arkansas. Throughout the years my adopted mom said that she was told that my birth mother was 29 years old when she had me. She was told that she lived out of state and moved to Arkansas to have me and then moved back after she gave birth to me. I think she said she lived in Kansas. I don’t know any other information really. I know Dr. V. Bryan Perry was my Dr. and he was there when the lawyer handed me off. If you can help, please try. I have some serious medical issues and I really need to know my family medical history. Thank you.