Doug Abrams

Username: doug

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Current Information

First name: Doug
Last name: Abrams

Date of Birth: 03-24-1964
City of Birth: Stamford, Connecticut

Current City: Naples, Florida
Past Names I Have Used: Fredrick (middle)

Additional Information

I was told I was adopted by 1 month old. (So my name may be different than at birth)
My adopted parents names were Fredrick E Abrams and Jill Stager (Maiden name)
Abrams. They also adopted my adopted brother Matthew Abrams the year before me from
some young couple they said. My adoption was done traditionally through an adoption
agency (I believe in Connecticut) and his was not. I was born at Stanford General
Hospital in Connecticut. I was told it was because they already had kids and were
getting a divorce when I was born. So I am searching for those siblings and birth
parents if still living. Thanks in advance for any help.