Dawn Sherman

Username: Arthur2012

Contact Email: Arthur2012@findfamilyafar.com

Current Information

First name: Dawn
Last name: Sherman

Date of Birth: 12-14-1969
City of Birth: Lansing, MI

Current City: Charlotte, MI
Past Names I Have Used: Nicole/Dawn Richards/Edison

I am seeking my parent(s):

I was born at St. Lawrence Hospital in Lansing MI. My mom was 20 and my father was
22. They both worked in the car factory in Lansing. My father on the line with my
grandfather and my mother in the cafeteria with my grandmother. My grandparents made
the courts put me up for adoption because my father was in prison and my mother was
not stable because of this. Any help would be great. I have all the non identifying
information but that is it. My birth name was Nicole.