Christina Rasmussen

Username: dcrasmus

Contact Email:

Current Information

First name: Christina
Last name: Rasmussen

Date of Birth: 01-29-1973
Place of Birth: Missouri

Current City: Albion, Nebraska
Other Names I Have Used: Ragar

I am searching for my mother’s son:

Child’s Name: David Allen Buhrman
Child’s Birthdate: 09-05-1965

Other Names Used: David Allen Crosby
Child’s Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska

Additional Information

I am helping my mom find her son. He will be my half brother and he has a full
sister, 1 half brother and 2 more half sisters. I really would like to find him! Our
mom is 69 and thinks of him everyday and she would love to meet him! I hope he wants
to meet us too!