Claire Joyce, Claire Mantani

Username: Claire

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Current Information

First name: Claire
Last name: Joyce

Date of Birth:
City of Birth:

Current City:
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Current Country: United States
Names Once Used: Mantani, Joyce, Hurley

I am seeking my sister’s son(s)

Sisters’s name: Brenda L. Joyce
Sister’s City of Birth: Bayonne, New Jersey

Sister’s (Brenda’s) son: William J. Joyce
William’s Birthdate: 04/1992

Sister’s (Brenda’s) other son: Donald Joyce or Donald McLaughlin
Donald’s Birthdate: 03/1991

William’s City of Birth: Bayonne, New Jersey
Donald’s City of Birth: Bayonne, New Jersey

Additional Information

I am searching for my sister Brenda’s two sons: William J. Joyce and Donald Joyce (or McLaughlin). The last known city they were known to live in is Bayonne, New Jersey (Jersey City). Any information would be greatly appreciated.