Chris Napolitan

Username: Chrisn

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Current Information

First name: Chris
Last name: Napolitan

Date of Birth: 04-30-1954
City of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Current City: Bolingbrook, Illinois
Other Names I Have Used: Chris Kurek

I am seeking my parent(s)

Mother’s Name: Angeline Anna Kurek
Mother’s Date of Birth: 1932-1933

Additional Information

My birth mothers name per my original birth certificate and adoption papers was:
Angeline Anna Kurek.
She was 21 at time of my birth which would have made her born 1931-1933 range.
She was Lutheran. She was a waitress and a laundry worker according to paperwork
filled out at adoption home. She had brown hair and hazel eyes, about 5’2 and
approximately 125 lbs. She is of Polish decent.

My father (name legally omitted on original birth certificate) was supposed to be of
Italian decent, Catholic—***** But per my DNA he was of Mexican/Spanish
Approximate age of 24; previously worked in steel mills but was in the military at
the time of my birth April 1954. His approximate height was 5 ft 8in to 5ft 9in
Black hair and brown eyes.

Chris N
Male adoptee born 1954 Chicago