Cathy Evett, Baby Queen

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Username: Chatcat59

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Current Information

First name: Cathy
Last name: Evett

Date of Birth: 02-03-1959
City of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Current City: Apple Valley
Current State: California

Other Names I Have Used: Cathy Smelser, Cathy Riley, Baby Queen
Last Name at Birth: Queen

I am seeking my parent(s)

Mother’s Name: Patti S. McCallum
Father’s Name: Mr. Queen

Additional Information

I was born at 10:08 am at White Memorial Hospital , my Birth mom was 16 and was from the eastern United States , she was sent to an Unwed Mothers Home in California .
The day I was born was the day of the Plane Crash killing
Buddy Holly, Richie Valens& the Big Bopper.. I’m sure my
Birth mother being 16 had a Very Sad day .. And remembers it Well.
My Father’s last name was Queen.. I don’t know his First name… My Mothers name was Patti S. McCallum or
McCallum… The only things my Wonderful adoptive parents knew were these facts .. And that she and my Father were Neighbors.. I have lost both of my Wonderful adoptive Parents.. And am longing to Fing my Birth parents
And siblings!! Thank You so much for Your Help!!