Carol Ross

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Username: Lillostmink

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Current Information

First name: Carol
Last name: Ross

Date of Birth: 04-16-1963
City of Birth: International Falls, Minnesota

Current City: Warba
Current State:Minnesota

Current Country: United States
Other Names I Have Used: Robison

I am seeking my parent(s)

Mother’s Year of Birth: 1929
Mother’s Place of Birth: Minnesota

Father’s Year of Birth: 1916?
Father’s Place of Birth: Northern Minnesota

Additional Information

Adopted thru catholic charities duluth mn. Mother had four children previous to me divorced in 1960. Married my father after my birth in 1963. Divorced three years later. Father was an iron worker in mn. Also was a trapper and had a mink ranch. He supposedly died of cancer and a alcoholic. Social services says she wants no contact with me but I desire to meet her and my siblings to find out where my father is buried and if he had other children. I don’t blame or hate her but not knowing family history has hurt my offspring and children to come.