Brianna MacArthur, Baby Ellis

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Username: briiax

Contact Email:

Current Information

First name: Brianna
Last name: MacArthur

Date of Birth: 08-14-1991
City of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta

Current City: Charlottetown, Alberta
Current State:

Current Country: Canada
Last Name at Birth: Ellis

I am seeking my sister:

Sister’s City of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta
Sister’s Possible Current City: Brooks, Alberta

Our Birth Mother’s Name: Tammy Ellis
Mother’s Birthdate: Unknown

Additional Information

I am looking for my biological sister. Our biological mothers name is Tammy Ellis, she was 16-17 when she had me, and had my sister a few years after that.
She had both of us in Edmonton, Alberta. I was adopted by a family in P.E.I., and my sister was adopted by a family living in Brooks, Alberta.
I am currently 22 years old, and my sister would be around 19-21.
If you think you could be my sister, or know someone who you think could be, please contact me.
Thank you.