Barbara Beam

Username: taylorark1976

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Current Information

First name: Barbara
Last name: Beam

Date of Birth: 01-31-1955
Place of Birth: North Carolina

Current City: Charlotte
Current State: North Carolina

Additional Information

I am looking for any of my birth family including an apparent twin sister (believed
to be fraternal). I am a female who was born 1-31-1955 in North Carolina. I’m unsure
of the exact city of birth, but my adoption was handled through Alamance County
Social Services. I had also been told that it was handled by the Children’s Home in
Greensboro, so I’m not exactly sure if one or both of those places assisted in my
adoption. I received my non-ID information from Alamance County Social Services. I
was born at 12:08 a.m., weighted 4 lbs, 8 ozs and was 17″ long. My twin sister was
born at 12:05 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs., 15 ozs. My twin sister & I were both adopted
out to separate families. I was placed in my adoptive home on 10-31-1955. My twin
sister had been placed in another adoptive home earlier in October 1955. My birth
mother applied for maternity home services with Alamance County in early November
1954 and expected to deliver in February 1955 however, we came at approximately 36
weeks gestation on 1-31-1955. My birth mother had only one brother, who was
approximately a year younger then she was. My birth maternal grandfather and birth
maternal grandmother got divorced in the fall of 1952. My mother supposedly worked
in a mill and she left school halfway through the 11th grade. She was approximately
5’9” tall, weighed 130 lbs., she had gray eyes and brown hair, a fair complexion. My
birth mother was 20 years old at my birth. My birth father supposedly completed the
11th grade, worked with my birth mother but then was drafted and was in the Army. He
was described as 6’1” tall, 190 lbs., with blue eyes and blonde hair, a fair
complexion. From the non-ID information, it appears that I was blonde and my twin
sister was brunette. Currently, I am approximately 5’8” tall, with blue eyes and
blonde hair. My adoptive parents resided in Franklin County (Louisburg, NC), but
also had familial ties to Durham, NC; Wake Forest, NC and Raleigh, NC. My adoptive
father was a lawyer and insurance salesman. My adoptive mother was a homemaker, but
she did have a couple of part-time jobs at a local college and with my adoptive
father’s businesses.