Ar Craig A. Daniels

Username: Craig1977mar9

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Current Information

First name: Ar
Last name: Daniels

I am searching for my son

Child’s Name: Craig A. Daniels
Child’s Birthdate: 03-09-1977

Additional Information

i gave you up for adoption to have a stable life with your mothers new husband.
Wanted to see you & my wife/your mother, but was threatened.. I could hear you
crying “Daddy Daddy Daddy” behind the locked door and our motorcycle ridin dog was
barking too!..You turned out to be a fine young man..married now..i called over the
years to hear how you were doing..At times you even spoke with me..but i could not
tell you who i was..just wanted a stable life for you..I do have a step son near
your age..a welder..& another son born in 1983, he is your half brother he now has
two step sons..i had 100% full custody of both untill they moved out on their own.
I’ve missed you for 35 dad. I do hope you are searching for me..