A. Johnson

Username: Ajohnson93

Contact Email: Ajohnson93@findfamilyafar.com

Current Information

First name: A
Last name: Johnson

Date of Birth: 08-07-1993
City of Birth: Statesboro, Georgia

Current City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Other Names I Have Used: A. Johnson

I am seeking my birth parent(s)

Mother’s Last Known Location: Statesboro, Georgia
Father’s Last Known Location: Statesboro, Georgia

Additional Information

i am a male born in Statesboro, GA in august 1993 to a biracial mother and black
father that gave me up for adoption to a nurse that was working with my birth
mothers mom. My understanding is that my birth mother was young and had 3 or 4
young children already. The nurse that adopted me went by the name of Karen Barnes
Johnson. I am looking for my birth parents.