Angie Rucker

Username: sweets

Contact Email:

Current Information

First name: Angie
Last name: Rucker

Date of Birth: 06-09-1973
City of Birth: Blue Island, Illinois

Current City: Santa Rosa
Current State: California

Current Country: United States
Last Name at Birth: Hellman

Past Names I Have Used: Angelique Hellman

I am seeking my child:

Child’s Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon

Additional Information

hi I am your birth mom I will love to meet you if your adopted parents let you I been thinking about you all these years and thinking if you missed me to or if your adopted parents told you about me you have two brothers and one sister that will live to meet you and I also will love to meet you and I’m hoping it will come to that point in both of are life’s that we will get to meet one another