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Gina (founder) and her father during her visit to the Middle East.

Gina’s reunion trip to the Middle East.

At age 33 she would hear the sound of his voice on the phone, “Hello, Gina”. It was like an apparition. He spoke calmly and reassuringly, “I want to start by saying, this was not your fault.”

Gina had imagined so many things, his laugh, his mannerisms. Did she look like him? She was not yet born when he had returned home. All that remained of his memory were a few photos which she referenced from time to time. They were of her biological father in his early 20s… Ten years younger than than her current age.

“The last information we had was that he was living overseas. The miles of separation made it feel like an impossibility.”

Today Gina is trying to help others connect with “lost” family.

An only child for over 30 years, Gina now has siblings in her life. Six of them to be exact. “After connecting with all of these people, including siblings which I was unaware I had, I wanted to do something to help others living with questions concerning their biological roots. Questions I understood all too well. Questions that had gone unanswered for years.”

Since 2007, Gina has continued to keep in contact with her family overseas. She has even made the trip across the globe to meet them all. Last year two of her siblings relocated to the U.S. and live just a short drive from her.

“I have been raised by the most amazing, supportive and loving parents in the world. My dad since age 2 is, and has always been, 100% my dad. The questions about my biological other half were always there though.”

“I founded FFA as a way to help others connect with their lost family or loved one. It takes me back to my own reunion, and how questions turned into answers and it makes me happy.”

Nearly 50 percent of people worldwide are “missing” a parent, sibling, family member, or other loved one. It feels good to have answers.

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Gina Wasserman