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What We Do

Our vision is simply this: to help those wanting to know more about their origins, including those seeking birth parents, siblings, and other family members, as well as for parents who are looking for children, by providing our users with a unique opportunity to search and be found on a broad scale. With user profiles from around the globe as well as close to home, our site continues to grow by the day. With the click of a mouse, users (Yes, it’s free!) can instantly see photos, search for other users, and read details of others’ backgrounds & origins as well as other relevant information… share as much or as little as you’d like! You control the content of your profile board, search preferences, and user to user communication.

How It Works

Frustrated by searching the passive registry system offered by many states and agencies? We have the answer. Following years in the making, Find Family Afar has created a platform upon which a person can visibly broadcast his or her information, location, and image to the internet providing the opportunity for worldwide exposure. And the best part?.. you decide how much or how little to share. Regardless of whether you’re actively searching for a loved one, creating a profile board provides a wonderful “exposure” piece for that person who may be searching for YOU right now. Simply complete our fast registration and upload a photo (adding photos of yourself is recommended but not required.) Express yourself and provide as much detail as you’d like in your free writing section. Your personalized profile “board” will be approved, assembled, and posted online for the public to search and see. Your customized profile creation is just a click of the mouse away and, better yet, it’s free!

Find Family Afar offers a unique approach and features which help connect people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Whether your search is around the corner or around the world, FFA can help find the long awaited answers you’ve been looking for.

Find Family Afar understands the importance of privacy and safety. All communication and information provided initiated via our private email network is screened by customer care before being forwarded to the intended recipient. The personal contact information of registered users is held confidentially by FFA. A user may elect to provide personal information to another user when he or she feels comfortable doing so. To help ensure the integrity of our profile community, each registration and all photos uploaded are screened by customer care before being posted to a user profile board.

IN MEMORY Robert “Bobby” Murray 1958-2011 Thanks for caring enough to make a difference.

Robert “Bobby” Murray
Thanks for caring enough to make a difference.